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Tibi Oil - Biodiesel, Petroleum and Chemical Transportation, Industrial Construction, Forest Exploitation, Wood Processing, Concrete

Concrete, Aggregates and Quarry Products

In 2006, Tibi Oil has developed its business segment of production, commercialization and transport of concrete, aggregates and quarry pit products. For this activity, our society has an amount farm of road-truck scales, truck mixer stationary concrete pumps.

In the first half of the year 2008 Tibi Oil Company project to develop the business segment of concrete, the project includes setting a new mobile concrete mixing plant from Stettler computer-controlled.

The new mobile concrete mixing plant has the capacity to produce 102 mc of concrete per hour, and it will be located in Poiana Tapului on a field of 7000 square meters. The hole activity of concrete production it will operate according with the European working environmental standards.

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With over a decade of experience, TIBI OIL has been successfully operating in areas: Petroleum and Chemical Transportation, Biodisel, Industrial Construction and Metal Confection, Forest Exploitation and Wood Processing, Concrete, Aggregates and Quarry Products, Demolition and Earthmoving Services , Commerce Services with Petroleum and Chemical Products.

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