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Tibi Oil - Biodiesel, Petroleum and Chemical Transportation, Industrial Construction, Forest Exploitation, Wood Processing, Concrete

Petroleum and Chemical Transportation ADR

Tibi Oil can perform petroleum and chemical indoor transportation, intracomunitary and international.

Our society dispose of a tank farm authorized according with the European working standards for transportation of the petroleum and petrochemical products; we also have a collective of experienced driver.

In this aria, Tibi Oil pursuit cumulative accomplishment of the self enforces criteria, which will provide delivery services with high quality standards:

  • Promptitude: our aim is to deliver according with the desired time of delivery
  • Safety: the transportation of chemical and petrochemical products need to take extra safety precautions
  • Eco: we respect our environment therefore protection activities are a key element in our activities.
  • Quality: Our offered services are trying to provide high quality service
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With over a decade of experience, TIBI OIL has been successfully operating in areas: Petroleum and Chemical Transportation, Biodisel, Industrial Construction and Metal Confection, Forest Exploitation and Wood Processing, Concrete, Aggregates and Quarry Products, Demolition and Earthmoving Services , Commerce Services with Petroleum and Chemical Products.

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