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Tibi Oil - Biodiesel, Petroleum and Chemical Transportation, Industrial Construction, Forest Exploitation, Wood Processing, Concrete

About Tibi Oil

Our society was founded in 1994 as a society focused especially on road transportation. Along this period, the firm has developed by diversifying its activity and becoming an important competitor in several activity domains.

Among our company activities, we can mention at this moment activities like: internal and international road transportation, commercialization of oil products, processing and commercialization of wood material obtained from our own timber station, civil and industrial construction.

In 2006, at this list was added the processing of BIODIESEL a new and perspective activity in Romania, having as final target the obtaining of a biological diesel fuel, which presents a series of advantages, which will provide the notoriety for this product.

The interest of our company is to assure a continuous satisfaction for our clients. The quality of our products and services represents the progress strategic factor for our company. By involving every employee, we are permanently improving our products and services.

The human capital is the source of our reputation and adaptability. Their involvement and team player spirit are the central values of our organization. The quality of our services is the result of our common efforts and it must be able to satisfy our clients at the higher level.

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With over a decade of experience, TIBI OIL has been successfully operating in areas: Petroleum and Chemical Transportation, Biodisel, Industrial Construction and Metal Confection, Forest Exploitation and Wood Processing, Concrete, Aggregates and Quarry Products, Demolition and Earthmoving Services , Commerce Services with Petroleum and Chemical Products.

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